Reproductive health

Currently, due to the high index of extragenital and gynecological morbidity, the level of early reproductive losses, almost every pregnant woman deserves special attention, should be comprehensively examined, often with the involvement of related specialists from consultative and diagnostic centers, which reduces the frequency of pregnancy complications. maternal and perinatal mortality. All this undoubtedly leads to complications such as premature birth and associated reproductive losses.

Within the framework of this program, project teams will carry out activities aimed at supporting human capital. 

Aim: Improving the quality of services for the protection of reproductive health of the population.


  1. To increase the level of knowledge of medical workers (obstetricians-gynecologists and pharmacists) in the field of reproductive health.
  2. Improve the quality of counseling on the individual selection of contraception.
  3. Promote more open and friendly environment in reproductive health care settings.

Target demographic:

  • women of reproductive age (18-45 years old)
  • obstetricians-gynecologists
  • pharmacy employees (pharmacists, pharmacists)

The main components of the program:

Development of a training program for obstetricians-gynecologists, pharmacists;

Conducting training for trainers;

Conducting trainings for obstetricians-gynecologists and pharmacists in the regions by trained specialists;

Development of information materials and their testing;

Conducting “International Women's Health Day” in the regions;

Distribution of information materials through antenatal clinics, pharmacies.

Aigerim Atantai


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